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KPT Monday to Friday

This is the part of the ministry which provides leadership training for different works and sectors.

In here, the ministry raises and train leaders through the KPT Leadership Programs. This is done during the week from Monday to Friday. We offer training programs to Churches, businesses, governments, organization, cooperates, finance, sports, entertainment, managements, education, charities, firms etc.

The training schemes are given by the people coming to us for our in-house leadership training programs.

We also offer this service through our out of house training, where we go to the places of the trainees to deliver our programs.

The LORD through this has been able to help many ministries, churches and organizations.

We visit churches and offer them leadership training to enhance their effectiveness for the dispensation of their roles and duties.

As part of the KPT PRAYER CONNECTION we offer prayer support for various ministries connected with us.

The services which the ministry provides are divided into two main ministries. 

KPT – Saturday

KPT SATURDAY is the part of the ministry where believers from different churches and ministries come together every Saturday to pray for the Church(the body of CHRIST), leaders of the Church, nations, leaders of the nations, general leadership of organizations, cooperates, businesses, homes etc.

Non- Denominational

It is very important to emphasise again that we are not a church. We are a non- denominational organization set by GOD to work with the Church and the leadership the different sectors for the advancement of the kingdom of GOD.

KPT Loves Children

Children are always welcome to KPT.

Training for the body of Christ

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Giving of ourselves to God

Our heart is set on giving towards the work and the people of GOD. By the grace of GOD we also position ourselves as a ministry to be a blessing to many. If you are led by the LORD and would like to invest in the Kingdom of GOD by giving or sowing into KPT.