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Pastor Eric Frimpong (MA, M.Div, DMin.c)

A Teacher to the Kingdom of God, a Speaker, a Leadership Trainer, a Business and Financial Management Consultant.
Leading, Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle (KPT) a non-denominational organisation set by God to work with the body of Christ (the Church) through Teaching, Training and Prayers for the Church, Nations and Leaders.

He also leads the KPT Monday to Friday which provides leadership training for different works and sectors. Offering training programs to Churches, Businesses, Governments, Organisation, Cooperates, Financial Sectors, Managements, Education and Firms.

He works as a Head Operational Executive of Phoebe Women’s Academy. An educational institution set up for women, which provides leadership training for women in various works of life.

He also serves as a Pastor at Manasseh Christian Centre.

He is married to Minister Siphiwe



Siphiwe is the head of administration for Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle. Her role involves the handling of everything that has to do with the management and administration of the ministry.

She has been serving in this role in KPT for over three years.  She is a very caring woman who loves the LORD and has a great passion for HIS work.

With  great commitment and dedication to the LORD and the work of HIS Kingdom;  she has gained over 10 years experience in serving as a youth leader in youth ministry. In addition to this she also has experience serving as a Sunday school teacher and has a heart for children, their well being and future. She currently oversees the children’s ministry in her home church (MCC).

She has steadfastly pursued the call of GOD for her life to be a voice for women in various diasporas. She operates as the head of KPT Women’s Ministry (Kingdom Women), with a passion to see women become all that God has called them to be.

she is also a public speaker haven spoken at different Girls and Women’s conferences through the years.

 She is a Legal Practitioner by profession and has been working in the legal sector for the past 10 years having graduated in Law (LLB Honours) from the University of East London and obtaining a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from the City of Law School (City University).

 Mrs Siphiwe Frimpong is married to Mr Eric Frimpong and together they both serve as Leaders in Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle(KPT)



Matilda sees to the outward presentation, in relation to the identity and vision of the ministry. She oversees the outward look of the ministry both internally and externally.

She also ensures that our LORD JESUS CHRIST our KING is the full cover of everything that the ministry does and organizes. This she does this with great diligence and in total fear of the LORD.

Miss Newman – Smart has served in this role within the ministry for over three years now and in these years has seen to the growth between the ministry and other organizations.

She has a great heart of serving and helping young people, to grow, fulfil their purposes and reach their full potentials, especially those who grew up in care. Having come from similar background but now has become a very successful woman by the grace of GOD. She has gracefully, with help of GOD turned that experience and knowledge into a positive energy and strength help other young people.

She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of Living Water Foundation (LWF) which support young people in care. Miss Newman Smart is a Project Manager (PM) by profession,  having acquired a Bachelors degree from Middlesex University  in Business Management. She has great experiences having served in different capacities as a Youth Worker, Marketing Consultant and an Employment Coach. She is an entrepreneur and a Public Speaker.

She has been of  great help and support to her home church (MCC) offering service of assistant where there is a need.

Her heart and love for the LORD and HIS work continues to increase more and more. She has great determination in the things of GOD and always seeks to be an inspiration to others.



Edwin has the  role seeing to all the procedures, systems, structures, rules and governing strategies of  KPT.

 He oversees the diplomatic calls and ventures of the ministry with other diplomats from the various  ministries, organizations and nations.

He has been serving the LORD in this department for over three years and during these years has used his GOD given abilities to build strong and tight relationships between the ministry and others. Having established kingdom unity with their leaderships.

With his love to serve and sincere attention to detail, he has always ensured the smooth and courteous relationships between the leadership of the ministry and the leadership of other ministries organizations and Churches.

With his GOD given gifts and abilities of speaking different languages, he has seen to the outstanding  cross-cultural ethics of the ministry and that of other ministries, organizations and nations involved or related to Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle (KPT).

Coming from a background of  Business Studies, he operates as a Self employed Contractor in the construction industry running his own work.

He serves in the teaching office and is also part of the Bible Committee in his home Church (BYT)

His outstanding etiquettes within the ministry (KPT) has always caught the attention of visiting Ministers who have in turn requested for him to offer training services for their ministries.

Edwin is married to his wonderful wife Mrs Vivian Agyemang and have five beautiful children. Together they all serve the LORD with all their heart in Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle.



Francis has been a great part to Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle (KPT) leading in the department of coordination. He has always sought to secure success in all working areas of the ministry.

He has dutifully founded the implementation of all informational systems set out by the administration of the ministry.

With his efforts on the evaluation of the workers and all who are part of Kingdom Prayer tabernacle, he has massively and consistently improved the high standards of the ministry. He has in these years, successfully seen to the careful execution of every planning  and  development of the ministry.

This, he has accomplished through his exceptional skill to communicate to all departments, relevant and accurate information from the various departments of the ministry.

 Francis is self employed and also Project Manager (PM) by Profession overseeing, coordinating and managing different workers for companies in the trade and construction industry.

He serves as Head of the Planning Committee in his Home Church (BYT). He operates in the teaching office in his church and serves as a member of the Bible Study Committee.

Francis is married to his gracious wife Linda KwawBoadu and have been blessed with a son. Working together, they serve in their various departments in Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle (KPT).



Glen-Ford has been a wonderful blessing to Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle. Serving as the Head of Welfare and Logistics.

Minister Glen – Ford has been with the ministry for over two years serving in different capacities and now performing this role as Head of  Welfare and Logistics Department.

His love for the LORD and HIS work has constantly stirred up his passion for children and the well being of people. He has always had a big heart for the general well being of everyone.

His good mind for the health and safety of all who encounters him has enhanced his skill to engage, communicate and easily make friends.

Minister Glen-Ford, a Support Worker by Profession,  specializing in the area of Young People with Learning Disabilities(YPLD). With over twenty years of experience, he has led and managed different groups. He has served as Chairman of charity groups helping young people.

His willingness to serve and offer support has enabled him to help many people through his operational positions in different organizations.

He serves in various capacities and holds a leading office in the Men’s Ministry in his home Church (ELM).

With faithfulness, he has served the LORD through his continuous input in Kingdom Prayer Tabernacle (KPT)



Solange is a GOD fearing Woman of GOD with a great gift as a Kingdom Worshipper. Serving and ministering to the LORD in this field in Spirit and in truth.

She has held the role of Head of Music Team In the ministry for the last two years. She has performed her duties to the LORD and to the ministry with excellence and honour.

Miss Solange is a Registered Practicing Nurse by Profession with over nine years of experience in different hospitals within the healthcare sector. She holds a BSc and MSc in Pharmaceutical Science and Drug Delivery. She has till present worked in the Pharmaceutical for over four years.

She has performed the roles of leading, training and assisting choir groups. She has worked as a leader of music team. She is exceptional in the arrangement, composing of songs and vocal training.

She serves as a lead singer in the choir of her home Church (MCC). Having a heart to always minister to the LORD.



Our calling is to serve the church through intercessory prayer, the teaching of the gospel of the Kingdom and to offer Biblical principle trainings.